Yakamuchi International founded by Joe Massaad in 1990 started as a wholesale company that mainly produces quality shirts. The company imports the fabric from the most prestigious textile companies in Italy.
The shirts are designed and manufactured by Yakamuchi, to Joe quality is detail and at the company everything is designed meticulously, from the type of fabric to the kind of thread used.
Yakamuchi has both casual and formal collections, in addition to customized hand-made shirts.
Yakamuchi International opened its retail stores in the year 1999. The store sells the full Yakamuchi line which consists of hand-made trendy and classic shirts as well as shoes, best quality leather jackets, a big variety of suits and trousers for all tastes, in addition to ties, belts, cufflinks, scarves, socks and boxers.
Our primary target in our retail stores is to please the customer, our customer is our friend and when it comes between friends there is trust, trust that Yakamuchi is offering the latest and highest quality goods yakamuchi strives to maintain its reputation by delivering its high-end quality products for an excellent price ratio, suitable for the young city dwellers as well as to executives and directors.
At Yakamuchi we believe that part of success is presentation and part of presentation is personality and at our stores you may find a wide selection that may suit your unique taste.